Token Management System
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Queue/Token Management System is all about managing the flow of your customers and their experiences from their initial contact with your company, through to service delivery.than

Engage and enhance your customers’ queuing experience with entertaining and real-time informative content, in one or multiple branches. Queue2050 advanced reporting tool allows you to monitor the queues in your branches and for each service and evaluate your agents’ performances. Queue2050 solves one of the most irritating daily problems which is standing in line by offering an automated smart mobile queuing app to better manage traffic/flow and save people a lot of time.


With a digital queuing solution, you can see, at a glance, who is waiting in a queue and for how long. It makes all information trackable.
It gives your patients peace of mind and freedom to use their time in a way they want
Making your services patient-centric helps influence the perception of your hospital in a positive way. Patients are more willing to recommend your hospital to other people.
Patients who see an innovative sign-in technology will be more confident in your competence as a medical services provider.
A queuing solution facilitates communication between departments and optimizes workflow between different types of services — front desk, lab, etc.

Led Queue Display

LED Queue display installed at registration counter to display latest token number counter wise.

Web Based Management

The web based management portal contains report, Dashboard & Analysis module. The Queue-Token System monitor the patients flow and generate valuable information.

Browser Based System

System has browser based interface to help the user to access the system without installing any client .

Patient SMS Solution

QMS has inbuilt facility to sent the SMS alerts to Patient on trigger like Queue Token generation, Reminder one day prior, indication that he has been called.

Patient Feedback System

Self appointment system provide the feedback option to capturing the best understanding of patient's thinking and Satisfaction regarding healthcare Service.

Queue Token Machine

Compact and portable and durable for heavy usage token machine provided with solution which easily able to handle 20000 or more transactions per day;